Hello Parents, Families, and Friends of the Rhythm of the Ranch,

My name is Rebecca Jaime and I am the President of the RBV Band and Color Guard Board of Directors. I warmly welcome you to the RBV family and thank you for visiting our website! The Band and Color Guard Boosters, or the Ranch Hands, is a non-profit group that was created many years ago for one purpose…to support the music program at RBV.  As an organization we work to provide anything and everything the staff and students need to make their musical magic happen.  We believe that music, specifically this program, does so much for our students and community.  Band and Color Guard is a place to call home, a place to learn skills, a place to make friends, a safe place to be who you are, a place to learn to love music and to love yourself.   Sharing this kind of positivity with others makes all the hard work worth it!  It takes a village of people who believe in the power of music to do this work, so we invite you to ask yourself, do you believe? Help us support RBV Band and Color Guard and you will make a difference! 

Rebecca Jaime